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Uttara Crescent Hospital was established in the year of 28 March 2002 in model town Uttara, with the promise to give the best and most modern health care facilities to the newly developed Uttara. Providing the people with health care as needed.

Gradually with your support, we have reached today's standard. Whatever we have achieved until now is the result of your help & the support of personnel like a consultant, doctors, Nurses, technician, ward boys, Aya, other office staff and to every single person who has devoted their effort here.

Today we are proud to say that the people of Uttara and the surrounding area like Gazipur, Mymensingh, Tangail and Savar will receive care in any kind of emergency here at our Uttara Crescent Hospital.

Our hospital has 5 bedded A/C Observation room, 12 bedded HDU (High Dependency Care Unit), 6 bedded ICU (Intensive Care), 5 bedded (NICU) Neonatal intensive care units, 8 Bedded Dialysis Centers, 5 VVIP cabins, 37 A/C cabins, 17 Non-A/C cabins, 11 A/C semi cabins, 9 Non A/C semi cabins, 5 A/C words, and 12 Non A/C words. Our Five modern equipped operation theatres give you the confidence to take our service. All types of laparoscopic operations, as well as orthopaedics, spinal surgery & brain surgery, were done here regularly.

Our aim is to always provide you with up-to-date modern health care facilities in this area we want our community that is clear secured and the most beautiful area of our capital to have the best health care possible so that we all can live in good health. We are always here to help you with any kind of health problem and give you complete support; anyone who comes here becomes a part of our family.


This will provide you all kinds of emergency medical care around 24 hours, supervised... More


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Services at a glance

  • 24 Hours Ambulance.
  • 24 Hours Pharmacy.
  • 24 Hours Emergency.
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High dependency care unit (HDU)

This unit will deals with the patients which needs continuous medical supervision &... More

Clinic Departments

An outpatient department or outpatient clinic is the part of a hospital designed for the treatment of outpatients, people with health problems who visit the hospital for diagnosis or treatment, but do not at this time require a bed or to be admitted for overnight care.

High-definition OT

 High-definition OBS OT, Post Operative ward, Labour room & observation room.

We have an operation theatre, especially for obstetric purposes enriched with world-famous equipment. Not only famous but also it fulfils our every obstetric emergency need. The OT is neat and clean and sterilized properly and regularly, which is the most important issue.

We are provided with expert and skilled OT staff as well as medical officers, midwives and consultants. Who can deal with any emergency obstetric crisis?

Our labour room is provided with modern equipment like a labour table and birth chair room. We can observe the patients in labour very closely and our monitoring facilities are well-developed to meet modern needs.

We have provided skilled paediatricians who take care of every newborn just after delivery.

Our post-operative ward is provided with modern facilities and skilled staff nurses who take care of every patient by giving every effort.

Radiology & Imaging

CT scan & MRI

Our radiology department has all the modern and advanced machines in the world.  We have modern CT machines like Somatom go now from Siemens.  Besides CT machines we have state-of-the-art machinery like MRI magneto Sempro 1.5T.  By which we have been providing 24-hour service for a long time.  We have skilled technologists here, who are highly experienced and knowledgeable.  They are working with honesty and devotion.  We have been serving patients with success and reputation with CT machines for 17 years.  Meanwhile 2022, the MRI machine was added as our new travelling companion.  Our new chapter starts on 12-12-2022.  We are providing turn around time to the customer with the help of networked bar coded and L/S solution to serve the customer accurately which stores all the patient data and management is always in constant focus.  Quality improvement programs are in place to improve testing procedures, equipment and personnel efficiency and always prioritize customer satisfaction.  Our main aim is to provide the right service to the customer.

Our available services are:

1. CT Scan.

2. X-Ray

3. BMD (Bone Mineral Density)

4. OPG (Orthopantomogram)

5. Mammography.

6. Endoscopy/ Colonoscopy.

7. Ultrasonogram.

8. ETT.

9. EEG.

10. ECG.

11. Colposcopy.

12. Echocardiogram 

Laser Skin

Laser Skin Unit



Consultation Center

At Crescent Hospitals, we are committed to clinical quality, Patient Centricity of ethical standards. We have a team of experienced nursing staff and expert duty doctors who provide great support to our clinical team. We are one of the well-equipped with advanced medical appliances and the latest technology available for different procedures & treatments.

Crescent Hospital has more than 21 Years of experience in the healthcare industry. our staff is dedicated to making your families feel at easy during your medical treatment from medical consultations a hospital admissions & accommodation arrangements. Patients are the focus of everything we do at the Crescent Hospital. Everyone at the hospital has a responsibility for the safety of our Patients.

We have experienced country famous doctors in all specialties.

Now we have two diagnostic & consultation unit:

1. Uttara Crescent Clinic Limited (Unit 1)

Address: Hannan Plaza, 16 Rabindra Sarani, Sector 7, Uttara, Dhaka 1230.

2. Uttara Crescent Clinic Limited (Unit 2)

Address: Sattar Plaza, 40 Rabindra Sarani, Sector 7, Uttara, Dhaka 1230.


Our Qualified Doctors

Dr. Noor E-Jabeen



General & Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Krishna Pada Saha

General & Laparoscopic Surgery