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Ambulance (24 hours)

Ambulance (24 hours):

Uttara Crescent Hospital is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of the community by providing a reliable Ambulance Service for both critical and non-critical patient needs in Dhaka and the surrounding areas. In emergency situations, our Ambulance Service is ready to respond promptly, offering swift and efficient medical care.

Key Features of Crescent Hospital's Ambulance Service:

1. Critical and Non-Critical Patient Care:

Our Ambulance Service is equipped to handle both critical and non-critical patient admissions and transfers. Whether it's an emergency situation or a planned medical transfer, our team is prepared to provide the necessary care and support.

2. Emergency/Ambulance Service Line:

In the event of an emergency, individuals can contact our dedicated Emergency/Ambulance Service Line at 09666710665. This hotline ensures a quick response and connects individuals in need with our ambulance services.

3. Coverage Area:

The Ambulance Service covers Dhaka and the surrounding areas, ensuring that medical assistance is accessible to residents in the region.

4. Best Medical Care in Bangladesh:

Our commitment to providing the best medical care is reflected in the services offered through our ambulance. Trained professionals and well-equipped vehicles are ready to reach individuals anywhere in Dhaka, providing quality care during transportation.

At Uttara Crescent Hospital, we understand the critical role that swift and efficient ambulance services play in emergency situations. Our dedicated team is focused on ensuring the timely and safe transportation of patients, emphasizing the importance of quick response times and quality medical care during transit.