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Pharmacy (24 hours)

All medicines except heat-sensitive medicines should be stored at 20° to 30°C. At present, the temperature in our country during summer is about 35° to 40° degrees. As a result of this temperature, the effectiveness of the medicine does not remain proper, which results in the loss of quality of the medicine. In Public Interest - Uttara Crescent Hospital Pharmacy

Uttara Crescent Hospital Pharmacy All medicines are purchased and sold in the pharmacy under the supervision of a qualified, registered and trained pharmacist.

Uttara Crescent Hospital Pharmacy purchases medicines directly from the company, so the quality of medicines is always intact.

The pharmacy is well equipped and the temperature is always controlled between 20° and 30° degrees Celsius, thereby maintaining the quality of the medicine.

Medicines such as insulin and vaccines should be stored in the pharmacy refrigerator at a certain temperature.